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What do the statuses on invoices in Klippa mean?

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You have probably noticed that an invoice can have different statuses. But what exactly do those statuses mean? That is what we will explain in this article. The following six statuses are available:

Note: only users with an invoice approver role are able to change the status of an invoice.


The invoice has been submitted but is not yet in an authorization flow. The invoice is ready for a user with a finance role to:

Check the OCR results.
Code the invoice (for example by selecting a cost center).
Save and automatically submit the invoice for approval via a business rule or manually by selecting an authorization flow.

When an invoice is added to an authorization flow, the status of the invoice changes to "Accepted". Read here how you can manually select an authorization flow for an invoice.


The invoice has been denied. If you deny an invoice, you can add a comment with a reason why the invoice was denied. Users with a finance role receive a notification when an invoice has been denied, the invoice can be found in the "All" tab.


You can use this status if the invoice is missing information. If you mark an invoice as "incomplete", you can add a comment so that Finance knows what needs to be adjusted. The invoice is resubmitted to users with a finance role and ends up in the "to do" list of these users.


The invoice is in an authorization flow and must be approved. You may have also seen the status below, in this case the invoice also has the status "Accepted" which means it's in an authorization flow. In the example below, one person has to approve the invoice. When all approvers have approved the invoice, the status changes to "Approved".

Tip: if you hover your mouse over the status below, you can see which approver(s) have to approve the invoice and which already have.


You choose this status if the invoice is approved according to you. After choosing this status and saving the invoice, the invoice will appear in the to do list of the next approver. If you are the only or last approver, the invoice will receive the status approved and will appear in the to do list of a finance user to further process the invoice.


If your bookkeeping system supports it, the invoice is automatically set to "claimed" as soon as it has been processed in the bookkeeping system. Invoices with the status claimed are displayed under the "All" tab. A user with the finance role can also manually set an invoice to "claimed". We recommend that you only do this if you do not work with a bookkeeping system integration, but instead export your invoices.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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