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How can I change the authorization flow of an invoice?

Note: this action is only possible for a user with the Finance role.

If an invoice is assigned the wrong person for approval, a user with a finance role can manually select a different authorization flow.

Make sure you are logged in in the Klippa Web App

In the left menu, navigate to Manage invoices

Open the invoice of which you want to change the authorization flow. Apply a new authorization flow by manually selecting one of the existing flows in the list next to 'authorization flow'.

For invoices where a different authorization flow is required, it is also possible to apply a custom flow. Then click on the option "Custom" in the list next to "Authorization flow".

Choose one or more approvers and, if desired, choose:
Fixed approval order: the invoice will go to the approvers in the order in which the approvers are displayed in the screen.
Number of approvers needed: for example 2 out of 3 approvals needed from the 3 approvers

Lastly, click on Apply and save authorization flow to apply the modified workflow.

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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