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How to set a default currency for an administration?

If want to process all transactions of an administration in one specific currency, but a significant amount of documents are scanned in one or more foreign currencies, it is useful to set a default currency for your administration. In this way, submitters are forced to convert the amounts on documents into the default currency of your administration.

In this article we explain how you this can be configured.

Note: this action is only possible for a user with admin rights.

Make sure you are logged in to the Klippa Web App as a user with "admin" rights.

In the left menu, navigate to Settings and then Company. You are now in the company account settings.

Then click on Company settings / Administrations and click on Edit for the company for which you want to set the currency.

Tip: If you have made a connection with an accounting package and do not see any administrations here, you must synchronize your administrations. Read in this article how to do that.

Choose the default currency in the Currency field.

Then click on Edit, in this case this administration has Swedish Krona as the default currency. Expenses and invoices submitted from now on must be converted to this currency before they are submitted. If this is not the case, users will see the following error message

Tip: Do you want to know how to convert currency on an expense? Then read this article.

Tip: Do you want to know how to convert currency on an invoice? Then read this article.

Updated on: 12/01/2023

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