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How to forward invoices received via e-mail to Klippa?

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The majority of the invoices today probably arrive digitally in the Finance mailbox. In Klippa you can easily add these to Klippa by forwarding them to your own unique Klippa email address.

Make sure you are logged in with your account in the Klippa Web App as a user with "admin" rights.

In the left menu, navigate to Settings and then Company. Here you will find a unique Klippa e-mail address. Copy this email address.

Send an invoice to this email address.

Tip: set an automatic forward for all invoices that arrive in your invoice mailbox to the unique Klippa e-mail address.

Note: only users with a Finance or Admin role can view and select invoices sent via email with status "Pending" in Klippa.

In the left menu navigate to Manage invoices. Here you can see the submitted invoice ready in the status pending, needs review for a Finance user to:
check the OCR results.
code the invoice (for example by selecting a cost center).
automatically submit the invoice for approval via a business rule or manually by selecting an authorization flow.

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Updated on: 11/01/2023

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