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How to split invoices in the Klippa Web App?

Suppliers sometimes send several invoices in one e-mail, which are then forwarded to the Klippa Web App. These invoices arrive in Klippa as one transaction with multiple attachments. In order to correctly process these attachments as separate invoices, you can split them. This articles explains how you can do that.

When you split an invoice, a new invoice is created for each attachment. The original invoice is deleted.

Tip: Ask your suppliers to send a separate email for each invoice so that having to split invoices in Klippa is an exception.

Note: This action is only possible for a user with an invoice submitter role, as with splitting you basically is create one or more new invoices and must therefore be permitted to submit invoices.

Make sure you are logged into the Klippa Web App.

In the left menu navigate to Manage invoices. You now see, invoices that have been sent in via the Klippa e-mail. These invoices have the status "Pending"

Tip: Click on the cogwheel in the top right of the table and turn on the "Amount of attachments" column, so you can see which invoices have multiple attachments and thus need to be split.

Now select one or more invoices that you want to split, by clicking on the checkbox(s) to the left of the invoice(s) you want to split. The action menu will now appear, choose Split. A popup will appear, click on Split again.

The invoices are now split per attachment, you can now validate the newly created invoices and further process them.

Tip: Curious about how you can submit invoices via the Klippa e-mail? Then read this article.

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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