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How to approve invoices in the Klippa Web App?

Make sure you are logged in to the Klippa Web App.

Click on Manage invoices in the left menu. In your To do list you will find an overview of invoices of which it is your turn to approve.

Open and review the invoice and then use the status buttons at the bottom of the screen. In the example below, the invoice is given the status "Approved". Then click on Save at the bottom right. The invoice has now successfully been approved.

Tip: at the bottom right corner of the screen you will find the slide ''Continue to next''. Check this box to immediately go to the next invoice after changing the status and saving it.

You can also choose a number of other statuses, for example:
Denied: The invoice is denied and will not be processed further. Users with a finance role will receive a message that the invoice has been denied.
Incomplete: The invoice is resubmitted to a user with a finance role.
Tip: Read this article to find out what all the statuses on invoices mean

Tip: You can also approve multiple invoices at the same time. Select the invoices you want to approve by clicking the checkbox next to an invoice. Then click on Change status in the "Actions" menu and choose Approved.

Tip: are you often traveling and want to approve invoices in the mobile app? Have a look at this helpdesk article.

Updated on: 22/01/2024

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