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How to create multiple Klippa invoice e-mail addresses?

A large part of the invoices today probably arrive digitally in your finance mailbox. You can easily add these invoices to Klippa by forwarding them to your Klippa invoice e-mail address.

Read how you can send invoices to Klippa in this article.

You can create multiple e-mail addresses so that you can, for example, assign the invoices to the correct administration. In this article we explain how you can create one or more invoice inboxes.

Note: this action is only possible for a user with admin rights.

Make sure you are logged into the Klippa Web App as a user with "admin" rights.

In the left menu, navigate to Settings and then Company. You are now in the company settings for your account.

Then click on Company settings / Invoice inbox and click on the Add button at the top right

Tip: A standard e-mail address has already been created for you, you can use it. You can also already find this e-mail under Settings / Company / General.

Now fill in the following fields:
Description The description of the mailbox.
Prefix We recommend that you enter an abbreviation for the mailbox here. (e.g. "NL" for your Dutch administration).
Assigned Here, you can select the user to whom the expenses submitted for this e-mail address should be assigned. This field is optional.
Administration Select the administration to which the submitted invoices should be assigned.
Active Set the e-mail address to "Active" so forwarded invoices will arrive in Klippa.

Tip: You can also fill in the extra filters, such as category, cost center, cost unit and/or project. If you want this, click on Additional filters

When you have filled in everything, click on Save at the bottom of the screen. You have now created a new email address to which you can send invoices.

Tip: You can copy the invoice e-mail with one click by pressing the green copy button.

Updated on: 12/01/2023

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