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How to ask for approval from another colleague for an invoice in the Klippa Web App?

Need input from a colleague when reviewing an invoice? In Klippa it is possible to ask a colleague for approval before you approve it yourself. In this article we explain how you can do this.

Note: This action is only possible for a user with the invoice approver role.

Note: You can only request approval from a colleague if the current authorization flow contains one person or has a fixed approval sequence.

Make sure you are logged in to the Klippa Web App.

In the left menu, navigate to Manage invoices. Here you can see the invoices that are ready for you to approve.

Choose an invoice and scroll down until you see the Ask for approval field. Choose a user here and then click on Submit and then press Save.

In this example we are "Henk Zijlstra" and we have requested approval from "Steven Hogendijk". The invoice now disappears from our "To do" list and is now first presented to "Steven Hogendijk" for approval (see below). After Steven agrees, it's our turn to approve and the invoice appears again in our "To do" list.

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Updated on: 13/03/2024

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