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How to approve a report in the mobile Klippa App?

Please note: this action is only possible if your company uses the Reports module. The Reports module is not available in SpendControl by default, contact your account manager for more information.
In SpendControl you can bundle expenses in a report. Bundle all your expenses for, for example, one specific month or your business trip in a report and submit your report. Your report will then be approved as one bundle and processed further.

Open the Klippa App on your smartphone or tablet and log in.

Navigate to Approve reports in the left menu. Here you can see the reports that you need to approve.

Now click on the report you want to approve.

Now click on one of the expenses in the report.

Check the details and approve the expense by clicking on Change status and then choose Approved. Once all expenses have been approved, the status of the report will change to "Approved".

You can also choose to approve multiple expenses from a report at the same time, then select the expenses from the report by selecting the expenses you want to approve. You do this by clicking and holding it. Then click on Edit status and choose the desired status. Or click on Select all to select all expenses.

Tip: Read this article which explains how to approve a report in the Klippa Web App.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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