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Adding invoices in Klippa can be done in several ways. In this helpdesk article we explain how to send digitally received invoices directly to Klippa, how to add documents manually, and how to scan invoices using the Klippa App.

How to forward digitally received invoices to Klippa?

A large part of the invoices nowadays probably arrive digitally in the Finance mailbox. In Klippa you can easily add them to Klippa by forwarding them to your own unique Klippa email address. You can find this email address in Klippa under Company > Settings. If you have forwarded the invoice, the document will be added to the Klippa overview with all the extracted data.

Tip: set up an auto forward for all invoices received in your Finance mailbox to the unique Klippa email address.
How to add invoices in the Klippa Web App?

Invoices that you have stored locally on your computer can be added to the Klippa dashboard anytime and anywhere.

Open the Klippa Web App and make sure you are signed in.

Navigate in the left menu to Company > Purchase invoices.

On the top right you will find the green button with "Add". Click on this button and select the invoice you want to upload.

Click "Save" to add the invoice to the Klippa overview.

How to scan invoices with the Klippa App?

Open the Klippa App on your smartphone or tablet and log in with your login details. Use the menu to go to Purchase invoices.

At the bottom of the screen you will find the green button with "Take photo". If you press this button the camera will open to scan the invoice. After a successful scan you proceed to the next screen.

The invoice has now been added. An optional field for a description is given and whenever you scroll down a bit further you will see the invoice details that we have extracted for you.

As soon as all fields have been filled in correctly, press the "Save and submit" button at the bottom. The invoice is now submitted and assigned to the correct workflow.
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