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How do I connect with Netsuite?

Configure SuiteApp and user in Netsuite

Note: only someone with an admin role in Netsuite can make the connection with Netsuite

Navigate to SuiteApps and search for Klippa, click on the Klippa logo and click on View SuiteApp.

Then click on Install and then Install Bundle and agree to the terms.

Check if you see Klippa for Netsuite in the list of Installed bundles.

Note: To make the connection it is necessary to have an employee who only has the Klippa integration role.
Navigate to Lists > Employees > Employees > New to create a new employee and set a password.

Navigate to the Access tab at the bottom of the page and only select the Klippa Integration role and click on add.

Make sure you select the subsidiary, check give access and click save.

Then navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features and navigate to the SuiteCloud tab and make sure the following checks are checked:

Click save.

Log out of your Netsuite account.

Connecting to Netsuite in Klippa

Note: only a user with an admin role in Klippa can make the connection with Netsuite.

Note: make sure you are logged out of your own Netsuite account when you navigate to Klippa to make the connection.

Open the Klippa Web App and go to Settings in the left menu and click on Company in the expanded menu.

Under the Company Settings you will find different menu items. Click on Company Settings / Connections.

In the list of connections, find Netsuite and click Connect. You will now be redirected to the Netsuite login screen.

Log in with the employee's username and password you just set up and click Allow.

The connection is now successful.

Check expense report, approval and currency settings

Note: This part is only relevant if you use the expense module in Klippa

Open Netsuite and navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features

Navigate to the 'Employees' tab and check whether the setting Expense Reports is enabled.

If it is not already enabled, check it and press save.

Then navigate to the Company tab and check whether the Multiple currencies setting is turned on.

If the setting Multiple currencies is enabled in Netsuite, we recommend that you also enable the setting Allow multiple currencies for expenses in Klippa, so that you can book transactions in a currency that differs from the currency (base currency) of the subsidiary.

Note: If the Netsuite setting Multiple currencies is off, the setting Allow multiple currencies for expenses in Klippa must also be off.

Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences and click on the Approval Routing tab.

Make sure the approval routing checkbox for expense reports in Netsuite is off and click on save.

Log out of your Netsuite account. You have now successfully connected Klippa to Netsuite.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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