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How to configure SSO login with Google Workspaces

Klippa provides the possibility to log in using Single Sign On (SSO). This article explains how you can set up you Google Workspace to log into Klippa with SSO.

Go to the admin environment of Google Workspace and navigate to Apps > Web an mobile apps in the left menu.

Then click on Add app and choose Add custom SAML app.

Enter the app details like the name and optionally a description in the first step. Then press continue to go to the next step.

Download the IdP metadata and send that file to us. You can download the metadata by clicking on the Download metadata button. After this, continue to the next step.

Enter the information that we sent you in the ACS URL, Entity ID and Start URL fields like in the example below. After this, continue to the next step.

Add the following mappings by clicking on the Add mapping button and link them to the corresponding App attributes:
Primary e-mail - email
First name - first_name
Last name - last_name

Click on Finish. You can then test if the SAML app is set up correctly by clicking the Test SAML login button on the newly created app. Also check if the SAML app is assigned to the correct organisational unit for your organisation by clicking on view details under User access

Google Workspaces is now set up for using SSO with Klippa.

Note: Please be aware if you make any changes to the app after you have finished the configuration, it will take a while until these are processed, as Google caches old data for quite some time.

Tip: Read this article on how you can log in to Klippa using SSO.

Updated on: 12/01/2023

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