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Hoe configureer ik Microsoft Entra ID SSO via SAML?

Go to Microsoft Entra ID
Click on Enterprise Applications in the sidebar
Click on New application
Click on Create your own application
Enter Name: Klippa
Select Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery)
Click Create
Wait for the application to be created, you will be redirected to it when it's done
Click on Single sign-on in the sidebar
Click SAML
Click on "Upload metadata file" and upload the metadata that we attached in the email (this file will be provided to your Klippa contact person)
In the section SAML Signing Certificate, copy the URL of the field App Federation Metadata Url and send it to us
Make sure the correct people/groups have access to the application, if Klippa User Sync is used, make sure the same groups are configured as in the Sync Application
You can use the below image as logo for the application

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