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How to set up e-mail forwarding for Outlook?

Fortunately, almost all invoices nowadays come in via email. We recommend maintaining a dedicated invoice mailbox where suppliers can send invoices. If you occasionally receive an invoice in a personal or finance mailbox, you simply forward it to this invoice mailbox.

In Klippa you can easily add received invoices to Klippa by forwarding them to your Klippa invoice e-mail address. In this article we explain how you can set up that all your incoming invoices in an Outlook mailbox can be automatically forwarded to Klippa.

Note: this action is only possible for a user with admin rights.

Make sure you are logged in to the Klippa Web App as a user with "admin" rights.

In the left menu, navigate to Settings and then Company. You are now in the company account settings.

Copy the Klippa invoice e-mail address here.

Now go to your Outlook account settings and navigate to the Forwarding settings.

Under "Forwarding", click Enable forwarding.

Enter the copied Klippa invoice e-mail address and click on Save.

Tip: Depending on your settings, a verification code may be sent via email to the Klippa invoice email address. You can find this code in Klippa if you navigate to Manage invoices and then check your to do list. You will see the code in the description of an incoming invoice.

All e-mails that arrive at this mailbox are now forwarded to Klippa.

Tip: Looking for how to set up email forwarding for Gmail? Then read this article.

Updated on: 12/01/2023

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