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How to configure user management with Microsoft Entra ID? (was Azure Active Directory)

Go to the Entra ID
Go to App registrations
Click on "New registration" on the top left
Enter a name, for example: "Klippa User Sync"
Select "Accounts in this organizational directory only" at "Supported account types"
Keep "Web" selected at "Redirect URI", don't enter an URI
Copy and note the "Application (client) ID"
Copy and note the "Directory (tenant) ID"
Go to "Certificates & secrets"
Click on "New client secret"
Enter a description, for example: "Klippa User Sync"
Select an expiration date of 24 months
Copy and note the "Client secret" by clicking on the copy icon below the "Value" column
Go to "API permissions"
Click on "Add a permission"
Click on "Microsoft Graph"
Select "Application permissions"
Open "Directory"
Select "Directory.Read.All"
Click "Add permissions"
Click on "Grant admin consent for ..."
Send us the "Directory (tenant) ID", "Application (client) ID" and "Client secret"

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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