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How does the to-do tab, all tab & the filters work?

Navigate in the menu on the left side to process expenses / process invoices. Here, you will see two boxes at the top left of the screen labeled To-do & All.


Under the To-do box, all expenses / invoices that are waiting for an action from you will be listed.

Approver: As an approver, you will see the expenses / invoices under To-do that are awaiting your approval.

Finance & Admin: As a finance user, you will see rejected, incomplete and approved expenses / invoices. Approved expenses / invoices can be booked into the accounting package, and rejected or incomplete expenses / invoices can be further processed or archived.


Note: All expenses / invoices are visible only to users with a Finance or Admin role.

Under the All box, every expense / invoice submitted via Klippa will be listed. Here, expenses / invoices from all users are collected, regardless of the status of the expense / invoice. In the All box, old expenses / invoices can be easily retrieved.

The filter function

To facilitate the search or grouping of expenses / invoices, Klippa has a filter function.

When searching for specific documents within the To-Do or All fields, you can use the filter function at the top right of the screen.

By using this function, documents can be filtered based on various dimensions. Commonly used filters include: Name, description, supplier, date, status, booking status, and current approver.

Tip: It is also possible to use multiple filters simultaneously for a detailed search.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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