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To file an expense, you have to start and login to the Klippa App.
You'll start at this screen:

Now press the green circle with the plus-sign. On iPhone the plus-icon is placed on top.
Your screen will look like this:

If you want to add a previous shot photo, you can reach your images via the gallery. The process will remain the same.
Snap a picture of the receipt and press next.
After that, enter the receipt details via this screen:

Here you can enter all the desired fields.
After the details have been stored, you can save the receipt and go back to the dashboard. The recently added receipt is added to the dashboard.
Now press and hold the receipt you want to file. This option menu will show on the top of your screen:

Here, press the 'share' icon that's shown below:

These options are presented:

Press 'declare' and your receipt is filed for approval. Via updates on your status, you will always stay informed about the currect state of your expenses.
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