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How do I connect with QuickBooks?

Please note that only the administrator (a user with an admin role in Klippa) of the Klippa account can set-up the connection with QuickBooks.

Make sure you are logged in to the Klippa Web App as a user with "admin" rights.

In the left menu, navigate to Settings and then Company. You are now in the company account settings.

Then click on Company settings / Connections.

In the overview, scroll to QuickBooks and click on connect. You will now be redirected to the QuickBooks login page.

Note: use the login details of a QuickBooks account with the role: admin.

Enter your Quickbooks email address/user ID and password here.

If you have one QuickBooks company, the connection will automatically be established and you will be directed back to Klippa.

Note: if you have more than one QuickBooks company, you will be asked to choose which QuickBooks company you want to connect to. It is only possible to connect 1 QuickBooks company per Klippa environment.

If you more than one QuickBooks company, select the QuickBooks company that you want to use in Klippa and press next. The connection is now successfully established.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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