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How can I upload and match a credit card statement to expenses?

In this article we explain how expenses paid with a credit card can be matched against the statement in the credit card module by a user with the Finance role.

Tip: The matching in the credit card module acts as an aid to guarantee the completeness of the credit card registration. How to book expenses that are paid by credit card is explained in this article.

Note: this action is only possible for users with a Finance role.

First things first

Make sure you are logged in with your account in the Klippa Web App as a Finance user.

Navigate to Credit cards in the left menu. You are now in the credit card overview.

Upload credit card statement

Click on Upload statement at the top right of the screen.

Enter the start and end date. The date of the first transaction must be selected as the start date and the date of the last transaction as the end date. This is important because the automatic matching system takes into account all expenses in the 'Manage expenses' menu-item within this date range.

If a credit card is used by 1 user, a user can be selected using the Users field. If more than one user is using the card, all users who submit documents for this statement must be entered here.

Finally, the statement can be uploaded in PDF format and the statement can be added to the list of credit card statements by clicking the Upload statement button.

Please note we do not support all credit card PDF formats. If your statement could not be uploaded, please contact your account manager.

Matching credit card statement

Click on a credit card statement in the overview. You will now see a list of all debit transactions from the credit card statement. Credit card transactions that have been automatically matched by the system to expenses from the "Manage expenses" tab will be grayed out.

If the matching has not yet taken place automatically, this can be done manually by clicking on Match line. You will then see a list with the expenses submitted by employees who are linked to this statement in the selected date range (see step 1).

Tip: If an expense has been submitted, but does not appear in this list, check the date range and the user field from step 1.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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