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How to submit an expense paid with a credit card?

In this article we explain how employees can submit expenses that are paid with a credit card.

As a user, you can specify a payment method in an expense in both the Klippa Web App and the mobile Klippa App. A distinction is made here between expenses privately paid by an employee (Private) and expenses paid with a business credit card (Credit card).

You can submit the expense as usual (read here how to submit an expense in the Klippa Web App), the difference is that you now choose Credit card under "Company payment method". The expense will now be submitted as a credit card payment.

Tip: Do you receive your credit card proof of payments via e-mail (PDF as an attachment or in the mail text), this article describes how to forward these proof of payments to the Klippa Web App.

In the Klippa Web App

In the mobile Klippa App

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Updated on: 11/01/2023

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