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SpendControl release notes

Release July 2nd '24 (v3.12.0)


Smart description filled by OCR

We can automatically fill the description field with OCR data:

Invoice number
Purchase date
Due date

So we can configure the description as "merchant - invoice number", resulting in "Ziggo Netherlands B.V. - 517291428-00" as description. You can always manually edit the automatically created description yourself. Contact us via the chat if you want this feature so we can configure this for you.

Automatic booking for invoices

We now support automatically booking invoices. Invoices can automatically be booked if all mandatory fields are filled in and the "to split" amount is zero. This feature is especially useful if you save your booking lines before approval. This feature then automatically books it once fully approved. Contact us via the chat if you want to use automatic booking.

Datev Unternehmen Online Integration

We now integrate with Datev Unternehmen Online. This article explains how you can connect. Contact us via the chat if you are interested in this integration.

In-app updates

We have added a new icon on the top right (megaphone), where we will communicate new new product improvements. For major updates that have significant impact on your way of working, we will show a banner on the top of your screen so you will never miss important updates from now on.

Full list of product improvements

For all users

You can now to add a comment to read-only transactions, allowing you to almost always add a comment (except for on booked or processed transactions).
We limited the number of transactions allowed per PDF export to 1,000 items to prevent time outs. You can choose to exclude images to export an unlimited number of transactions.
Release updates are now communicated via the megaphone icon on the top right or via a banner on the top of your screen in the web application.

For submitters

If you use expense reports, you can now navigate to all your (single) expenses, to find expenses that were excluded from a report, or submitted before you started using expense reports.
The history suggestion on the category field is now more strict, to prevent wrong categories being suggested. Now, for the past 5 transactions, all transactions must have the same category before we suggest it.

For approvers

If you approve expense reports, the email reminders now link you directly to the correct manage reports dashboard page, and correctly indicates the number of reports in your to-do list that need your attention.

For finance

The description field can now be automatically filled in by OCR data.
Automatic booking module for invoices, triggering a booking when all mandatory fields are filled and the "to split" amount is zero.
If a transaction has a category with a pre-defined VAT code with zero percent, we now always suggest one booking line with zero percent, even when multiple lines are recognized with OCR.
For Exact Online, we now filter out all accounting relations with a expired supplier end date.
We have added extra security checks to prevent and detect double bookings.
For companies that use expense reports, we have added a link to all your (single) expenses, so you can access your full expenses archive in SpendControl.
Klippa company card transactions (Pliant) for pre-funded cards are now grouped in a report every month so cardholders can submit their reports on a monthly basis.

For admins

We now integrate with Datev Unternehmen Online.
We can now flexibly configure when you are allowed to view and edit attachments. Also, attachments can now be made required. Contact our support team via the chat if you want to change who can see or edit attachments, or if you want to make attachments mandatory.
Added possibility to archive integration that you don't use anymore, so it can not be selected when booking, but allows you to still view the bookkeeping data on past bookings. After you have archived an integration, you still decide to fully disconnect the integration.
Export bookkeeping integration: you can now define a maximum length of the booking description in the connections settings.

Other improvements & fixes

Export bookkeeping integration: added support for exporting number of booking lines, booking counter, expense invoice nr (when using reports).
Amount, VAT and supplier fields are now correctly shown in the bookings tab in the bookkeeping integration menu.
You can now delete dimensions in the bookkeeping integration.
Sorting on division now works in the bookkeeping integration menu.
Disconnecting an integration from a parent company, now archives the subcompany integration automatically.
Cardholder groups are now automatically assigned to card users for Klippa company card (Pliant) users.
The country field is now translated from English to other languages.
Exchange currency can still be used now when amount is read-only.
When using currency exchange and the tip field, the tip is now added to the exchanged amount.
Amount excluding tip being required is now correctly enforced when trying to save a transaction.
Sorting on finance type in the dashboard is now possible.
Fixed queues that did not end when exporting in UBL.
Tooltip when hovering over approved status badge now does not show pending approvals anymore, in case only 1 out of for example 3 approvals were needed.
Vismanet: branch field is now always correctly filled in.
Fix that selected invoices did not match actual selection after changing the status in the dashboard.
Fix that export template linked to the report module is now selectable.
Fix that fixed compensation purchase date could not be changed once saved.

30.05.2024 Release

Features & improvements

Support of American Express statements in the new creditcard report module
Added a filter on payment method when automatically matching card transactions in the new creditcard report module to ensure we only match receipts to the right card transactions
Invoice & expense reminder e-mails now link directly to the respective dashboards
Ability to resize your transaction editor screen in the "compact" view-mode to make the attachment (left) or the fields (right) bigger
Added a "select all" toggle when exporting data, now you can swiftly select and deselect all columns when you want to perform an export or create an export template.
The duplicate detection feature is now directly performed after you upload a file / photo to SpendControl (instead of after saving) and also checks against unsubmitted transactions.
We now allow to add an attachment to a CO2 mobility registration (Dutch legislation)


Exact Globe: improvements to the nightly caching of bookkeeping data, solving speed issues Globe clients experienced
Netsuite: support for SuiteTax
Informer: added ability to set default currency to prevent creating wrong bookings when booking in a deviating currency
AFAS: bookings with multiple attachments now land correctly in AFAS
AFAS: we now remove special characters from the name of the attachment (that is generated by AFAS based on the SpendControl invoice number), to ensure you can book invoices with special characters in the invoice number


Security upgrades such as extra content security headers & extra server side validation
We now ensure that expenses sent in via the mail always are always shown to an interface that the user can access (determined by the group(s) of the user).
We now limit the size of PDFs that can be exported to prevent that exports keep running
We fixed wrong links in the German expense and invoice reminder mails
Adding a new booking line with a "exclusive" VAT code now works correctly
Fixed that booking due date was empty in the bookkeeping integration export
Receipts are now included in the PDF export of an expense report
Changing the date of a transaction with a currency exchange will now lead to an updated exchange rate
Downloading images from transactions from your dashboard now works correctly.

03.05.2024 Release

What's new?
The support for ING statements in the new creditcard module.
Automatic matching of saved receipts to card transactions.
The support of credit lines in an XML export template.
A new design for the menu.
Inactive items are not shown in the booking line.
The ability to add comments when submitting expenses and invoices.
Users with an invoice submitter role now only see incomplete invoices in their To Do when they are the owner of the invoice.
Only active companies are shown in the subcompany picker.
The booking due date is added to the bookkeeping integration & Xero.
It is now possible to select multiple statuses and administrations in the filter options.
The country field is automatically filled in by the OCR.
It is now possible to delete the information in the bookkeeping integration.
A refer and earn 1.000 euro button was added to the interface.
SAP Business by Design: G-account support.
Netsuite: Support for SuiteTax with a custom script.
Exact Globe: Improved caching.

09.04.2024 Release

What's new?
The CO2 mobility registration feature.
The option to navigate through expenses/invoices with the arrows on the top left.
A setting for finance users in the personal settings to choose to navigate to next a. task or b. transaction.
When the last approver also has a finance role, this user will also directly see all the booking fields for efficiency.
The currency exchange button can now be turned off.
Actions performed with a delegation function are now logged & shown in the audit trail.
The payment condition is shown when booking a report.

12.03.2024 Release

What's new?
A new design for linking the saved receipt to creditcard transactions.
Implementation of the feature in which the expense submitter is only allowed to submit a card report after all the transactions have a linked receipt.
A search option in the saved receipts dashboard.
Sorting + default sorting based on the create date is added to the saved receipts dashboard.
When using the human review module, the inserted values are no longer overwritten by suggestions.
The merchant field is changed which improves the speed of the platform.
The option purchase amount excluding VAT is added as an export possibility.
The option to allow expense submitters to impersonate other expense submitters is added.
When deleting an invoice, you are now redirected to the next invoice when the option 'navigate to next' is on.
The drag-and-drop interface is improved.
When adding an extra location to a travel expense, the extra location is now put at the end of the route instead of in the middle.
A delete button for expenses within a report is added.
An expense submitter now receives notifications when the status changes of a submitted receipt.
AFAS: When creating a new supplier in Klippa, the option to fill in an IBAN number is added.
VismaNet: Category default booking suggestions are added for the new Visma integration.
Reports suggestions are added for the new Visma & QuickBooks integrations.
The auto-creation of expense relations when no matching relation can be found for the new Visma & QuickBooks integrations.
Mobile app: Notifications on expense status change will come through in the app.
Mobile app: Expenses can now only be submitted when OCR has run, preventing wrong expense data.
Mobile app: After retracting an expense, you can now directly apply changes and resubmit.
Mobile app: Card reports module: improved user experience of linking receipts to card transactions.

09.02.2024 Release

What's new?
A new integration with and Quickbooks.
Gallery view: a folder 'Saved receipts' in the menu to store your creditcard receipts before the creditcard statement is uploaded.
The due date field of invoices is now filled in by our OCR.
The merchant of a receipt is shown in the dashboard when using the reports module.
When the total amount of a receipt is changed while the currency exchange was used a warning will be displayed.
AFAS: The description of the booking line is included in the booking to AFAS.
Multiple bug fixes.

12.01.2024 Release

What's new?
The possibility to export the due date field.
Picker scaling (for example when submitting a travel expense on a smaller screen).
The administration field is connected to the cost center, cost unit & project to make sure only the relevant options are shown when selecting a dimension.
Minox: A toggle was added to disable the check on the default VAT codes on general ledgers & suppliers in Minox.

22.12.2023 Release

What's new? An improved version of the integration in which the logic from is transferred to Klippa.
Xero: Undo method. This prevents double bookings to Xero in case of an error message in the API.
Spanish compliance module.
Tip feature: an extra field was added 'tip amount'. This adds up to the total amount and is recognized by OCR and can be included in the export.
The possibility to show booking lines for expenses during the approval proces.
The possibility to set a currency per expense report when the currency is not set on the administration.
A warning when the total amount of a receipt deviates from the exchange rate.
Allowing finance users to set invoices that are in an authorization to incomplete to apply changes.
The drop down options in the booking lines are not moving when you hover over.
Localization of numbers in the dashboards (e.g. € 10,10 for NL and €10.10 for EN).
The VAT percentages and the account number field are added to the export options.

15.11.2023 Release

What's new?
The 'due date' field has been added in the invoice processing module. This field is automatically filled in by the OCR. In addition, it is possible to show the field in the 'Manage invoices' dashboard and filter and sort on it.
Denied invoices are now shown in the To Do list of users with a finance role and/or at the invoice submitter (if the invoice was submitted via Klippa).
Denied invoices can be saved, archived or resubmitted. Archived invoices can additionally be reopened.
The delegation module: users can give other users the right to perform actions in Klippa on their behalf.
The OCR module 'accurate'.

18.10.2023 Release

What's new?

Exact Online UK is added as a new integration.
AFAS: A more descriptive error message is added for a filename with invalid characters.
SAPbyDesign: Better logging of error messages.
The account number field is added into our new interface.
The possibility of resubmitting an incomplete invoice is added to our new interface.

27.07.2023 Release

What's new?

New mobile version for iOS and Android (3.12).
AFAS: Allow for booking without VAT code.
The possibility of setting hourly e-mail notifications.
The possibility to filter on un submitted card expenses in the card report module.
Expenses / invoice approval reminder e-mails are now bundled in one e-mail.
Klippa suggestions (the ones in the top of your screens) have changed to make fields less dependent on each other, (e.g. an administration suggestion does not influence the category suggestion), making the suggestion logic more reliable for the users.

05.07.2023 Release

What's new?
AFAS: The integration with AFAS now supports payment conditions.
AFAS: The integration with AFAS now supports the possibility of adding new relations within Klippa.
Odoo: The integration with Odoo now supports Odoo version 16.
Netsuite: The integration with Netsuite now supports payment conditions.
When a new relation is added in Klippa, the field defaults to 'organisation' instead of 'person'.

03.05.2023 Release

What's new?
AFAS: The integration with AFAS now supports deferred bookings.
Odoo: The integration with Odoo now supports multiple administrations.
QuickBooks: The possibility to create a new relation within Klippa when booking invoices.

13.04.2023 Release

What's new?
The possibility to set the booking date of a report at report level.
The possibility to export reports in XLSX, CSV and PDF.
The submanager role & “is manager of” field is removed in the user profile. This is replaced by the use of authorization flows and business rules.
Report notifications will now be send per report, instead of per expense.
Expenses in reports will now also be marked as booked.
Insight into which groups users are part which is visible under the company settings - users.
The option for Exact globe nightly caching.
The features currency, VAT & miles are now available for Klippa Pro users under settings - personal.

09.03.2023 Release

What's new?
Filter categories on selected administration. We now only interface categories that match the selected administration, unless no division is set in the category configurator.
Sorting based on x-axis for the insight dashboard
Pro users can now set their travel rates in personal settings.
Pro users can now view their Klippa expense e-mail under the personal settings.
Exact Online: Undo method. This prevents double bookings to Exact Online in case of an error message in the API.
Quickbooks integration US & UK is added as a new integration.

09.02.2023 Release

What's new?
The business statistics page has been renewed. The page now includes more insights into spendings and approval progress. This page is only visible to finance & admin users.
Improved suggestions for invoices submitted via mail.
A check that the VAT rate entered by the OCR/user matches the VAT rate in the booking lines. An exception is the history suggestion VAT code 0%.
Completely separate booking suggestions for invoices and expenses.
The warning for a duplicate expense/invoice now disappears only when a transaction has been approved & booked, and/or processed.
Incomplete and rejected expenses are excluded for matching to a credit card statement.
When a new accounting relation is selected, the payment method is also reset.
When an integration is deleted, it is no longer shown in new booking proposals.
When switching between an integration in the booking view, all booking fields are cleared.
The possibility of filtering by date in the reports module.
Minox: Undo method. This prevents double bookings to Minox in case of an error message in the API.
Exact Online: The ability to search by code when using the function: relation autocomplete search.

11.01.2023 Release

What's new?
The ability to set the notification frequency separately for approvers and finance users.
Expenses are matched to credit card statements every night. Previously, statements were matched once after uploading the statement.
The 'Bookkeeping integration' export fields have been extended to include: total booking amount inc VAT, exc. VAT and total booking amount VAT
The possibility of setting an automatic export has been extended. Previously, the export frequency could be set to weekly, this has been extended to monthly, quarterly or annually.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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