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Release notes

This page contains all release notes from past releases.

09.03.2023 Release

What's new?
Filter categories on selected administration. We now only interface categories that match the selected administration, unless no division is set in the category configurator.
Sorting based on x-axis for the insight dashboard
Pro users can now set their travel rates in personal settings.
Pro users can now view their Klippa expense e-mail under the personal settings.
Exact Online: Undo method. This prevents double bookings to Exact Online in case of an error message in the API.
Quickbooks integration US & UK is added as a new integration.

09.02.2023 Release

What's new?
The business statistics page has been renewed. The page now includes more insights into spendings and approval progress. This page is only visible to finance & admin users.
Improved suggestions for invoices submitted via mail.
A check that the VAT rate entered by the OCR/user matches the VAT rate in the booking lines. An exception is the history suggestion VAT code 0%.
Completely separate booking suggestions for invoices and expenses.
The warning for a duplicate expense/invoice now disappears only when a transaction has been approved & booked, and/or processed.
Incomplete and rejected expenses are excluded for matching to a credit card statement.
When a new accounting relation is selected, the payment method is also reset.
When an integration is deleted, it is no longer shown in new booking proposals.
When switching between an integration in the booking view, all booking fields are cleared.
The possibility of filtering by date in the reports module.
Minox: Undo method. This prevents double bookings to Minox in case of an error message in the API.
Exact Online: The ability to search by code when using the function: relation autocomplete search.

11.01.2023 Release

What's new?
The ability to set the notification frequency separately for approvers and finance users.
Expenses are matched to credit card statements every night. Previously, statements were matched once after uploading the statement.
The 'Bookkeeping integration' export fields have been extended to include: total booking amount inc VAT, exc. VAT and total booking amount VAT
The possibility of setting an automatic export has been extended. Previously, the export frequency could be set to weekly, this has been extended to monthly, quarterly or annually.

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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