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How to export approved expenses for further accounting purposes?

Klippa provides you with different types of exports that you can use for further accounting purposes. We support exports in XLSX, CSV, PDF and UBL, and offer templates that you can create yourself. In a number of steps we explain how this works.

Make sure you are logged in to the Klippa Web App.

Browse to the left menu and click "Company" > "Expenses". The overview shows you the expenses with a certain status that is linked to it.

Proceed to the "Approved" tab in the dashboard in order to have an overview with approved expenses only.

Select the expenses in bulk. The "Actions" menu will unfold, click export.

A new window will open to select your preferred export format. Additional options are shown such as the formatting of your export.

Click "Export" whenever you're done formatting.

Tip: save the format of your export, so that you don't have to do it again next time.
Tip: share the export by email with yourself or someone else.
We try to send you the export as fast as possible. Sometimes it can take a bit longer due to the traffic on our server and the size of your export. If you have not received anything within one hour, please send us a chat message so we can help you.
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