In Klippa all users with a (sub)manager role are allowed to submit, approve and process business expenses. We'll talk you through this flow in three simple steps.

Part 1) Submitting business expenses

1) Open the Klippa app on your smartphone and sign in with your credentials.

2) You'll get an overview of your receipts (this overview is empty if this is your first time using Klippa). To add new business expenses press take picture in the bottom of the screen.

3) The camera view will open and you should be able to take a picture. Press the small arrow in the bottom right to continue and press save.

4) Fill in the according fields and press save again. Your receipt is now successfully submitted as business expense! We will notify you about the status of your submission.

Note: we recognize all relevant data from your scan (i.e. merchant, VAT, currency, total amount, payment methode and date)

Part 2) Approving submitted business expenses

1) Sign in with your Klippa credentials on:

2) You'll be directed to your My Klippa page. In order to approve declarations, please click on company and declarations in the menu on the left side of your screen.

3) Once you see the overview of all the receipts, click on the tab pending.

4) You'll get an overview of all pending declarations. Select a declaration and check whether all the info is correct. To approve you have to change the status from pending to denied, missing information, accepted, approved or processed.

5) Press save. The declaration is now moved to the according tab.

This is where the (sub) manager user guide ends. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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