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How to add credit card statements?

Only users with Finance functionalities in Klippa are allowed to upload statements

Open the Klippa Web App in your browser and sign in with your credentials. If you are already signed in, please proceed to step 2.

Navigate in Klippa to the menu on the left side of your screen and click on "Company". In the unfolded menu click the "Creditcard Statements".

In the screen for credit card statements you can upload the statements in the top right corner.

A new window opens with a description, dates, the selection for one or more users, and the possibility to upload the relevant statement.

After the upload, the submitted receipts of the selected user(s) will be linked to the rules of the credit card statement within the range of the given dates. If the expenses are not automatically linked yet, they are not yet in Klippa and you can select them later.

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